Humans And Mythological Explanation Of Love

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Aristophanes’ speech is mainly focused on the nature of humans and mythical explanation of love and how it plays out among human beings (Welton 2008). The original human nature was different from it is today; there were three sexes; female, male and a combination of the two (androgynous). They were much like two humans stuck together, with two heads, four legs, four arms. The female kind came from the earth, the male from the sun and the androgynous was an offspring of the moon.
The androgynous were strong and fast due to their many limbs and this made them try to go to heaven to attack the gods. Zeus and other gods were against getting rid of the androgynous as this would result to reduced worship and sacrifices but hey needed to figure out a way of …show more content…

They would do nothing else other than this and this caused some of them to lose their lives.
As they were dying out, Zeus moved their genitals o the front to enable them have sex and sire children. Initially, the genitals were facing the down and they would cast the seeds on the ground as opposed to each others’ body. Reproduction would happen inside the woman after the man and woman got close. Now the previously androgynous would reproduce when they hugged.
The androgynous were made of male and a female, a male and a male or a female and a female. After they were separated, it is the female and male who would reproduce on hugging. The same sex would enjoy intercourse when they hugged. Today, each one of us has a better half. Men who split from androgynous are attracted to women and look for them to form relationship with. Lesbians are women who split from women while the men who split from other men are the gay men in the society today. Aristophanes refers to these men as lovers of love, masculine, and brave and bold. He says that they are naturally manly and this makes them the best

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