Humans Destroying the Delicate Balance of Nature in Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

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In this introduction part of the book, “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, the author describes the destruction of the delicate balance of nature by human interference, especially by the wholesale use of insecticides. She carefully explains what is the balance of nature and how it is maintained naturally. Further, she informs the reader of the ways chemical poisons upset that balance and thereby kill life. She constructed her argument with the help of a fable having an initial state of harmony and productivity, then a drastic and profound fall silencing rebirth of new life with the introduction of chemical poisons. Then, she dramatically exposes the culprit behind the destruction, humans. However, it is just a story; she explains it has a …show more content…

This movement is not only still in progress but is now receiving considerable assistance from man. When these new plants and animals get to new territory, they do not have the restraint of natural enemies to keep their population down. Much of the necessary knowledge to promote healthy balance in nature is now available but we do not use it. We allow the chemical death rain to fall as though there were no alternatives, whereas in fact there are many. Carson is not against the use of chemicals at all. The problem is that these chemicals have been controlled by people who do not seem to know what they are doing and do not know the harm they are causing. When public starts realizing something is wrong, they are fed little sugar coated tranquilizing pills of half-truth. Carson’s persuasive intent is clear from the beginning. She employs the literary conventions and the language of melodrama to inspire the reader’s admiration for the beauty and harmony of nature and to inspire the reader’s repugnance for the reckless destruction caused by chemical pesticides. Even though Carson uses melodramatic language, she also supplies the reader with exact and scientific evidence to back her claim that the earth is in desperate need of protection from chemical poisons. The information to the reader is brought purposefully: to show the reader the dangers of the present course of action and to urge the reader to do something about it. In her

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