Humor Or A Is It All Just Common Anti-Feminist Stereotype

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Humor or a is it all just common anti-feminist stereotype; Geoffrey Chaucer explores thought out the Canterbury tales- The Wife of Bath. The Canterbury tales is a group of 28 people that went on a pilgrim. Each telling their own stories (including Chaucer himself). Of all the people on the pilgrim, there were only two women. The first was the Prioress in which Chaucer explains to be the head of the nunnery; she was kind hearted (including to animals). The other woman was the Wife of Bath (whom we learn that her name was Allison), whom was the complete opposite of the Prioress. For she was a more open person in telling her tale (pg. 100). This paper will be addressing the Wife in more detail, firstly is does Chaucer follow the …show more content…

Willfully the Wife continues her tale about how she views marriage as well as virginity. In her tales the Wife points out three points about marriage and the idea of marrying more than once is fine. Point one “for wel ye knowe a lord in his household he nath naht every vessel al of gold”. In which we learn that not all man uses their gold(virginity), but some women are better is wooden(married). The second point that she brings up is “virgintee is greet perfection, and continence eek with devocion, but crist that of perfeccion is welle, bad nat every wight she cholde go selle, al that he hadde and give it to the poor…” this point was interesting because is saying that there is nothing wrong with being a virgin however, if you are to follow the life of the lord than do not just do half of his ways. You must do all of his ways if you want to be prefect like him, that means giving up everything that you own to the poor. Then her final point on marriage is “telle me also, to what conclsion were members maad of generaction, and of so parfit wys wight ywtonght”(pg 21). This we learn that she is telling readers that first of all if we were all virgins that where would the next generation came from. Secondly way did the lord give use certain body parts (referring to sexual organs) if we are not to use them. These points can be seen as going back and forth thought out the tale. As we learn more about the Wife, we can see that she does at sometimes fall into the

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