Hunger In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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I selected this article because it was a pleasant surprise to see an article about hunger that was not negative and depressing, but uplifting. The title of the article suggested that maybe the era of great hunger would soon be over. I wanted to read it because there are not very many stories in the news that shed a positive light on famine. Also, the hunger discussed in the article seemed similar to the hunger in Animal Farm. First of all, the article is relevant to Animal Farm because the Ethiopians in the article are hungry like the animals living on Animal Farm. In the article, it says that Ethiopians are “desperately short of food,” while the novella says that “Starvation seemed to stare them in the face,” on page 74. The article explains how famine is actually a result of political oppression. For example, a past war Ethiopians were fighting in caused food to be sent to soldiers rather than civilians. Likewise, the pigs took all of the milk and apples for themselves on page 36: “So, it was agreed without further argument that the milk and the windfall apples (and also…show more content…
It made me realize that I take some things for granted, but I should be appreciative of all that I have. Animal Farm relates to me because it makes me feel lucky that I live in a democratic society, so there is a less likely chance that I will have to worry about starvation.

The article and Animal Farm suggest that politics in society have a greater impact on individuals than it may seem. For example, politics can even affect hunger. They suggest that hunger may not be as big of a problem in the future because the link between war and famine has been discovered. I think this because the article implies that the era of great famines might be over, and the novella shows evidence of the relationship between politics and
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