Hurricane Hunters Technology

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Technology is a part of life that evolves. Technology has changed through the years and will continue to change. Though technology changes and evolves there are some types of technology that are more useful than others, because of this I will be going over a few different types of technology and explaining how one of them is more useful than the others. The types of technology I will be going over are underwater treasure salvaging, the Hurricane Hunters, and satellite archaeology. I believe Hurricane Hunters to have the most useful technology out of the three, and here's why.

The first reason why Hurricane Hunters are the most useful type of technology out of three listed is because it allows for the public to have more accurate information on storms. Hurricane Hunters obtain this information through
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One of those uses is that it allows for archaeologist to use infrared satellites to dicover ancient tombs, settlements, and artifacts ( Search For Ancient Civilizations, Juan De Los Santos, paragraph 2). Underwater treasure salvaging is useful because it allows for ancient artifacts such as coins and jewels to be found in shipwrecks. Finding ancient coins, jewels, and artifacts allow for us to have a clearer idea on what happened in our oceans in the past (Florida Waters Treasure Hunters, Scott L. Key, paragraphs 3,8, and 9).

Now though these types of technology have there uses, I still firmly believe that with the evidence shown Hurricane Hunters are the most useful type of technolgy out of the three. Hurricane Hunters provide us with information that we need to have so we can stay safe. The others provide us with ancient information that though is useful in its own right, it isn't as crucial as the information we get from Hurricane Hunters. Hopefully I've convinced you of the Hurricane Hunters' usefullness with the evidence
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