I Am A Child Of Genocide Survivors

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Turmoil and survival. I am a child of genocide survivors. My parents have shared with me stories of what they saw as children running towards the Thai border from Cambodia as they were fleeing from the Khmer Rouge. They left their homes and came to America for a better life. Their stories gave me courage to survive my own turmoil. They always told me to focus in school and do well so I can be successful. However, school was not the easiest thing for me. I’ve always struggled and there were multiple times where I just wanted to give up. I was bullied in 8th grade which caused me to go into a depression. This caused me to give up on life in general. What kept me going were my parents’ stories. While my parents had their journey dealing with their experiences, I have had to deal with experiences in my own way as well. As a result of my self-realization, I began to my journey of rediscovery. I was determined to take back my life. Along the way of my educational journey, I learned that I am just like my parents who never gave up. Throughout my high school experience so far, I discovered what it means to persevere as a student with bad teachers.
My first step was applying for Middle College High School (MCHS), which is a unique school where students are able to take both high school and college level classes, resulting in both a high school diploma and an AA Degree. Taking different courses with diverse students really opened up my experiences. However, MCHS is not what it says

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