I Am A First Year Student, Majoring And Mechanical Engineering At Wentworth Institute Of Technology

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I am a first year student, majoring in mechanical engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology. I am writing to you in regards to your “Only Connect” ideas about what makes a liberally educated individual. I somewhat agree with your views on what constitutes a liberal education. The idea of liberal educated people reminds me of what we all try to achieve but basically do not reach it because we think it’s a “state” that we reach after reading the expectations set for us rather than living and applying it. It takes more than being able to be socially adapt with the ten social qualities stated in your writing. One who is educated can be considered liberally educated as long as they have applied their education to their daily life.
Those in society that exhibited a form of liberal education used their knowledge and applied it to their daily life. This learned logic gives them a deeper understanding view of the world. People such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, used what they learned in order to achieve a form of liberal education which encompasses the ten skills and application of traditional education. They are liberated in using what they have learned, programming, and law in order to become well known world/company leaders. The ten qualities stated in your “Only Connect” only deal with the social skills an individual must have in order to be a “liberally educated person. One of the skills that I find interesting and contradicts part of your view is that, “They understand

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