“I Am A Mother Of 2 Boys. My Husband And I Have Always

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“I am a mother of 2 boys. My husband and I have always struggled…We both went to a good University. His mother worked for the college so he had free tuition (thankfully). I graduated 12 years ago and I still owe $10,000 because bills keep piling up. I pay my bill faithfully but it seems like it is never going to go away.”
Courtney, a college graduate, is experiencing the negative effects of college tuition first hand. She tells us how she still owes a significant amount of money twelve years later. She is not alone as several other college graduates experience the same thing every day. Over the years, college tuition has increased tremendously, which makes it hard for many students to attend. Students can expect to pay anywhere from $9,000
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Most students receive grants and scholarships to offset the cost, but even after the “free money”, college is still quite expensive. Even though most students receive scholarships, grants, and loans, college is still very difficult to pay for due to the rising tuition costs. Students become less motivated to attend once they get a look at the hefty price they have to pay in the end. The article, “Study: 60 percent of millennial college grads” written for the Business Journal News Network, states that in the last five years, tuition for a four-year college has gone up by nearly 13%, and private college tuition has gone up by almost 11%. Many students without a doubt have to take out a loan at some point in their college years. In most cases, students have to take several loans out each year they attend college. Over the course of four years, or longer in some cases, these loans add up and create massive debt for students.
If students decided to look past the cost and attend college, the debt lasts long after they finish college. The article, “Study: 60 percent of millennial college grads”, says students who complete college underestimate their monthly student loan payment and can “expect to still be paying off their loans into their 40s.” Students have to be prepared to take on the challenge of the cost of college soon after they graduate. This can be hard for a lot of people if

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