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While it is important that my students are enjoying my class, one of the ways I am able to tell that my students are excelling is their ability to demonstrate their growth through assessments. Although it is important students are excelling, it is also important that students are able to be an active participant in their own growth. Effective teachers allow students to constantly reflect on how they are doing in class and how they are meeting classroom goals. Assessment reflection ultimately influences how teachers and learners continue to access material.After teachers have tracked the data of students, it is then important that they are using a variety of instructional strategies to encourage learners to develop deep understanding of content areas.

Standard 6 states that teachers should use a variety of assessments to ensure students are reaching their goals. My first piece of evidence includes three different assessments. Each assessment addresses a different kind of learner. For example, the first assessment is an exit ticket that allows me to see how students have grasped information at the end of the period. The last assessment I have included is a writing assessment. After students took the writing assessment, I then recorded their writing scores as demonstrated in my second piece of evidence. I carefully monitor both my student 's reading and writing progress. In order to engage my students in their own own growth, I provide ample opportunities for students to

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