I Am Grateful For My Family

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The kitchen is congested with cumin, pepper, and bitter leaf. If you start chuckling, singing, or communicating in any way you will choke because spice particles compose most of the air now. This is my living room three times a week when my mom doesn’t go to work the night before. It’s how my family functions. My family has caused me to live my life immersed in culture. From helping my mom cook our dinner of Jallof rice to attending fundraisers until early dawn to produce money for building primary schools in the motherland. I am grateful for my family because it is from them that I have developed an early interest in culture, and now I will carry that interest with me well after my education years. And although I can say I have gained a lot from my family. They have limited me in life for too long. Often because of preformed notions or ideals my parents had, they would not allow me to explore an interest I had. And other times I had to pursue an interest only meagerly because of my obligation to watch my siblings or to take them to their practices. My parents have also expected me to follow in the footsteps of my older sister. As a middle child I am expected to be indecisive and wavering and not ever really being defined, but for the first time in my life I feel I can define myself. As a crimson. I am able to feel hope in my future because of Harvard University. At Harvard my new family, won’t limit me because of ancient values, or by my year of birth, or by anything. At
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