I Am Happy. The School Year

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I was happy. The school year was over. I no longer have to deal with teachers, annoying kids, tests, homework, and nasty lunches. I felt the cool breeze of the air conditioners against my skin when I walked into the Firestone Park Library, holding the list of summer books I needed to read for the summer. For some reason, my school wanted the students to read a total of 10 books during the summer. I didn’t have a problem with reading during the summer because I already read half of them during the school year; plus, I love to read books. Ever since I read The Princess Diaries book series in the 7th grade, I always had a book with me. Reading always calmed me after a stressful day. Nothing could stop me from finishing a book. I decided to …show more content…

He’s always crying and it’s hard to do things while he is. 5….4….3….2….1. I grabbed his bottle out the microwave and walked upstairs. I walked in my old room and looked over at his crib and saw that TayTay was watching T.V. I hurried and changed his diaper and gave him his bottle. I should start reading the book while he’s occupied. I went back downstairs to grab the book. I walked in the room and towards the bed. After several tossing and turning, I managed to get in a position that was comfortable and where I can see TayTay. I don’t know if God was playing a joke on me or something, but as soon as I opened the book, TayTay started to cry. I don’t know why. I got up from the bed to check if his milk was all gone. It wasn’t. He still had half of the bottle left. I just stared at him. Why are you crying, you annoying baby? I tried giving him stuffed animals to play with it, but he just threw them and continued to cry. After a few more tries of trying to get him to be quiet, I heard my mom coming up the stairs. Thank God! She can make him stop crying. “What’s wrong baby?” she said as she walked over to his crib. TayTay stopped crying instantly as she picked him up and started rocking him. Mama’s boy. I stared at them for a minute and then walked back over to the bed. Took you long enough, but thanks, mom. I picked up the book and started reading the book. “When my brother Jem was almost 13-” I couldn’t even finish

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