I Am Mexican By Citizenship

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My excuse to everything is “cause I’m Mexican”. I’m not Mexican by citizenship, but by birth. I was born in Berrien Center, Michigan; On Tuesday, January twenty sixth, nineteen ninety nine. My parents’ names are Diana Vasquez Valencia and Alberto Ruiz Hernandez. They raised me with the Mexican culture that I have learned and loved since I was a little girl. So when I say “it’s cause I’m Mexican”, It’s because I didn’t grow up watching John Wayne movies or listening to Johnny Cash. I grew up watching Novelas and listening to Selena. I was raised differently from how everyone else was raised. In the United States, I am strange. In Mexico, I am average. I lived in Michigan until I was about three years old. We moved to Glencoe Minnesota and lived in a trailer home. When I was four I was introduced to the social setting and attended a headstart. It was then, that I realized, I didn’t know how to socialize. I didn’t know what was okay to do and what wasn’t. I was teased and picked on, even by the teachers. About the time when it was my fifth birthday I found out my mom was pregnant with my sister Samantha. My parents decided to move to a bigger house to make room for our growing family, and somehow we arrived in Nicollet. I remember the first time I saw my new home; we were looking at it for the first time, to see if we wanted to buy it. The house was home to a older lady and her many, many cats. It was very strange to see so many animals in one place, since my family never had

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