I Am Pierce Butler, One Of The Founding Fathers

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I am Pierce Butler, one of the founding fathers. I born in County Carlow, Ireland in 1788. I went to Philadelphia to represent South Carolina at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. I’m going to write about my point of view of some topics of the constitutional. The Articles of Confederation have strengths and weakness. I am going to start with the strengths. The first strength and the important one is having thirteen colonies united under one government that make these colonies a strong country together. Another strength is given the departments a specific defined roles for various parties to run the country more effectively. The Articles of Confederation inspired the coordination and cooperation between different states, so that’s also one of the strength of the Articles of Confederation. “It allowed the Central Government to sign treaties and peace deals with other countries giving rise to a stable neighborhood. The peace treaty with England was one such deal.” (Web) Having a stable country is most important thing to have a strong new country, and to have a stable country it should be peace between the states. And that is what the Article of Confederation accomplished. Finally, the population got increased to more than 60000 as big untied country and that could increase the economy of the country too because more people means more tax.
As we have strengths of the confederation, we also have weaknesses. First of all voting, to have one vote to each state is big

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