I Am Reviewing Eminem 's Latest Album Marshall Mathers Lp2

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I am reviewing Eminem’s latest album Marshall Mathers LP2. This album is a revisitation of Marshall Mathers LP. It is rumored to be his final public work and fortunately for his fans provides closure for some of the themes from MMLP. The song “Bad Guy” in MMLP2 is told from the perspective of a crazed fan’s little brother Michael and it provides closure for the song “Stan” from MMLP. The second track “Parking Lot” is a continuation from “Criminal” in MMLP. Between the second and third verses of “Criminal” lays a skit about Em robbing a bank and then “Parking Lot” is a short skit that brings the scene to a close as he runs off with sirens blaring in the background. “Rhyme or reason” is delivered with his usual hatred as he lets out his demons and raps about, among other things, his father or more accurately his lack of a father. He raps that his “mother reproduced like a komodo dragon” to illustrate his lack of a father even as early as birth also that his mother served as both a mother and a father. Komodo dragons have the ability to reproduce asexually. When they do so the result is always a male. Track Four: “So much better” has a beat similar to “Criminal” from MMLP. It almost has the same effect as if it were the instrumental part of “Criminal” at a slower pace. Em encapsulates his emotions towards his romantic relationships as well as hip hop in this song. “Survival” featuring Liz Rodrigues of the band New Royales was debuted by Call of Duty for their multiplayer

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