I Am Thankful For The Freedom

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My transfer process from the dreary and jaded halls of my high school to the independent halls of Isothermal Community College was drastic. Rutherford - Spindale Central High School made me feel trapped, and as though none of my choices mattered in the slightest bit. When I finally graduated I knew my life would change and it has quite a bit. I make my own decisions and I am responsible for important things, such as my education and grades. I am thankful for the freedom that my college life gives me as well as the responsibility. I’ve realized that the work in class and outside of class is both challenging and plentiful, especially in Biology111 and my DMA maths. It’s quite different from high school, where maybe I’d have to turn in something once a week. Back then I had free food and transportation, which is something I’ve completely overlooked all of these years, and even with these useful objects I had, I really didn 't learn much. I know a bit about the holocaust, because it was taught each year in English class, but we did very minimal writing; and of course we sometimes had journals but they weren 't needed to be grammatically correct. History was like we had to live the same day over and over again just to pass a weekly quiz. I had to scribble so many words on a piece of paper that it soon turned into art class. Actually a lot of my classes turned into art class and I got pretty good at drawing. From my transfer process I learned about how severely responsible I

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