I Believe That Going To Graduate School Is The Right Choice

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I believe that going to graduate school is the right choice for me. The lessons in life have prepared me for where I am today. As an incoming college freshman I thought that I had it all figured out. My plan was to graduate with my degree in Business Management. This plan changed as I began to take more courses related to the field. I was not successful in classes and I did not find them interesting, so it was just a struggle to pass. My G.P.A. was suffering; as a result I lost my scholarship and had to appeal. I wanted to be a business major because this was the way I thought I would make a living and be happy. I noticed that I enjoyed other courses that were liberal arts, that were in the major of family services. I decided to see if …show more content…

I earned a student leader position as a Resident Assistant. I just pushed myself in ways that I never knew I could.
My journey shows that I am determined to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in Family Services and continue to my master’s degree in Student Affairs. This journey as a freshman student from Gary, Indiana to being a senior has not been easy. Gary, Indiana is a low-income, predominately African-American community. I graduated high school ranking 6 of 100 seniors and of that 100, I only know of six students who attended college; three have graduated from college already. I plan to be the fourth college graduate from my high school class. I am a first college generation student. Upon attending college, I realized how unprepared academically I was for college. Without being academically prepared, I faced many bumps in the road. I have no family system in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I have used my resources and developed a great support system of advisors.
Although my transition was rough, in my sophomore and junior years of college, I thought that I wouldn 't be able to continue, but I have, and I am doing great. Pushing through struggles, making sacrifices, and staying focused on my goals has helped me to gain persistence and see the bigger picture. My adversities made me stronger as a person to reach for things that I never thought were possible. I have exceeded not only the limited expectations placed

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