I Had A Dream Speech By Martin Luther King Jr.

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On August 28 of 1963, In Washington DC, near the Lincoln memorial, history was changed. On that very day, the most known social activist of that day, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I had a dream speech” In the duration of five minutes, he made history and changed society’s view upon those with a darker skin tone. On that day he changed many opinions and views, in the matter of five minutes. He proved that we, the American people have the power to change a nation through our words. Not only can we change the world with our voice, but we can change the world through our actions. Protests and gatherings have impacted the United States civilization as we know it. Our freedom of speech and the freedom to associate ourselves with who we please has helped the United States nation grow in development and tolerance. The ability to speak and act on our actions will have an effect on our posterity and how they will live and how their generation will think. Our capability to say and protest what we think was accustomed to us by the first amendment in the United States constitution’s bill of rights. Why the Bill of Rights were made When the thirteen colonies were being ruled by Britain, King George III had taxed the colonists unfairly and had created his own laws, that benefitted him. His harsh rule had stripped the colonists from their basic rights and to escape from this tyranny, the colonists

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