I Have A Love For Music And Basketball

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Sergio Liranzo
Who Am I?
My name is Sergio Andres Liranzo the fourth and do not mind my sarcasm, because at times I can be really sarcastic. My grandfather is named Sergio Andres Liranzo the first and named two of his sons after him and my dad named me after him as well, which makes me the fourth of all the Sergios in the family. When I’m older I would like to go for the NBA or work with music. I have a love for music and basketball. I do not necessarily have a favorite food or color because I believe every color is beautiful in its own way and I love food in general. My interests will probably change in the future. On my spare time I like to go outside and play basketball by myself or with someone. I think giving up on yourself …show more content…

I’ve noticed that you only have one mother. I do not know what I would be doing right now if my mother was around. She was basically my mom and dad my whole life. My dad decides to have a “bond” with me after the four years he put me through not seeing him. That is why I feel like my stepfather, is actually my real father. I have a actual father and son bond with him more than my blood father. I am grateful to have this kind of relationship with my stepfather because I have never experienced this type of father-son bond with anyone else, but him. This is who I am and what I would like to do in the future when I am older.
My family is from the Dominican Republic and Cambodia, I would like to go deeper into my Asian side. There are many interesting things about Cambodia and the stories about the journey here to the U.S. My great grandparents who are now deceased, went through a lot in Cambodia and escaping the Genocide. My mother came here when she was only four which was in 1986. My mom’s side of the family is from Cambodia, but my mom was born in Thailand because they were forced to go to a refugee camp there. My mom does not actually know when her birthday is, so her grandparents put her birthdate as July 1st, 1982. They put this as her information so they can be put on a list to come here to the United States. They were so used to wearing clothes for the warmth and they were not familiar with the cold in New York.
Cambodia is a poor place now because of the

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