I Hear America Singing By Langston Hughes Analysis

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What are the general ideals of America? When one thinks of America, what values and morals come to his or her mind? Nowadays, most people would answer these questions by saying America represents freedom, equality, and hard work. These same people would recollect on the many wars the American people have fought and won and these people would suggest that America is, and always has been, the greatest country in the world. Though many people of today’s American society hold pride and honor in their great nation, if one were to look back into American history, he or she would clearly see that the United States has not always been such an immaculate and prestigious land. Walt Whitman, one of the most amazing poets of the twentieth century, wrote a poem entitled, I Hear America Sing, which demonstrates the hard working, white America of olden times. Another poet, Langston Hughes, wrote, I, Too, Sing America, which takes the stance of what it was like to be a negro of the same era. After reading and analysing both of these renowned poems, it is obvious that Hughes based his poem on that of Whitman’s for several different reasons.
After reading, I Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman, and I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes, it is undeniable that Hughes wrote his poem to exemplify the life of negros compared to the whites in Whitman’s poem. While Whitman’s poem discusses the average, arrogant, egotistical American of the early 1900’s, Hughes poem describes the hopefulness and

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