I Know Why The Caged Bird Can Not Read

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The argument from the right for why capitalism is overall positive for a nation’s cultural growth is because in such a system the market is regulated less, allowing a person to maximize their potential as an individual without hindrance. However, the words of Francine Prose in her essay “I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read” outline that just the opposite is true. The economics of the western world, in fact, discourage critical thought and self-expression in order to create a docile work force that fit into the mold that has been inadvertently forged by the society around them. Francine Prose’s commentaries on the issues of high school students who have are apathetic toward reading hold weight for several reasons. Her love of literature stems from the fact that Prose is an avid reader herself who enjoys the art and has “preserved a lively and still evolving passion for good books.” Prose’s basis for vocalizing her concerns and frustrations about the topic of mindless readers comes from her desire for her own children to have an appreciation for the therapeutic values of a good book, in addition to the lessons that they teach. Francine’s status as an avid reader, a writer and a mother all lend themselves to establish her credibility in her essay. The reader can easily comprehend the struggle of the bookworm mother who is unamused that her sons have to dredge through the same tiered literature that has been taught for ages. Prose clearly elaborates for her reader the…
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