I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Essay

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The Effects of One Person Upon The World From an apprehensive child growing up in a small town in Arkansas, Maya Angelou has evolved into an influential, wise, and respected woman. She has overcome obstacles and has grown into one of the élite intellectual people of this country, and perhaps the world. Along her numerous struggles, various people have given her positive guidance and passed down their knowledge to her. Among these people was Mrs. Bertha Flowers, a person in which Maya respected greatly. She was a dignified person that Maya could strive to achieve the gratitude that Mrs. Flowers gave to the people around her, a sense of appreciation. In her life story, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou attributes her…show more content…
In addition to the importance of voice, Mrs. Flowers opened Maya’s to literature, and the knowledge it brings. Earlier in Angelou’s life, she was interested in comics and some poetry, but now a new outlook was imposed upon her, the power literature. This discovery changed her life drastically. From a child who once wished for a super hero to rescue her from the monster who was molesting her, Maya now realized the truth and what can be solved through knowledge and what can’t be solved through imagination. Consequently, Maya began reading classic novels such as A Tale of Two Cities. Thus, her love for books began. She had always understood poetry greatly; especially for a poor black child who received a limited education, but never made the connection that a novel would and put it into perspective to the reality of life. With all of this understanding and appreciation in regard to literature, Maya became the acclaimed author that she is today. Furthermore, Mrs. Flowers influenced Maya to be the proud, black woman she is today. She saw Mrs. Flowers as, “…the aristocrat of Stamps…She was our side’s answer to the richest white woman in town.” Maya wasn’t afraid to hold her head up and let it face the sun. She became a Black person, instead of a Negro. In addition, Maya saw the similarities in races through Mrs. Flowers. She wore ivory gloves, which were only worn by the

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