I Learned The Harshness Of What Many Underwent

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In Douglass’s book, I learned the harshness of what many underwent. You would have many jobs and homes throughout your life, which can be mentally and physically bothersome. These people, different ages, strengths, mental capacity, did not know of anything else, but this way of life. Some have only heard of what being free meant, and there was some who tried getting free, some succeeded and some unfortunately did not.
Slavery not only impacted the ones undergoing this servitude by lowering their sense of identity, but also heavily impacted the abolitionists, because it could put them in grave danger. In this book, I found it interesting how Douglass started off saying “I have no accurate knowledge of my age”, as well as “it is the wish of most masters within my knowledge to keep their slaves thus ignorant” (book-1). These human beings are sheltered their entire lives. They are forced to give up every right to their masters, no matter the case; the age concept is a great example. Douglass, more than anything, wanted to be able to read and write. He was thankful enough that Mrs. Auld taught him the A, B, C’s, though she later found out this could be a dangerous road for her and her husband. Douglass said, “From that moment, I understood the pathway from slavery to freedom.” this pathway could be made possible because a man with basic knowledge and determination can change his own destiny (book-20). When you think of a man, you could assume that he is one to be over the

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