I Stayed With Calypso On Ogyia

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I stayed with Calypso on Ogyia.
I wouldn’t leave her, like the heroes in the past had done. Although Calypso’s love was more than enough; I still missed my friends and family. I heard the prophecy had been delayed and consequently, everyone was older.
I tried not to think about age too much, I was still fourteen and had been for almost four years now but I still changed physically. I grew my hair to the point where my bangs covered my eyes—there wasn’t exactly a barbershop on Ogyia. My height had stopped to nearly 5’’8 and I continued to work out every so often. Almost as if I were preparing for battle.
But I didn’t have to. I didn’t have to go back and face my possible death. After all, I’d been on the island for four years and there was …show more content…

You see, the watch meant hope for Calypso. Hope that a hero would come along and stay with her forever.
It contained something important but a terrible fate would await if opened. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream from the other side of the island.
“Calypso!” I yelled, sprinting to the piercing scream. I uncapped riptide and faced a monster army surrounding my girlfriend in the hands of Kronos.
As if my brain were wired, I analyzed the situation. The more monsters I killed the angrier I got, edging towards Kronos. I started to slow down, my energy draining quickly.
As I reached Calypso, I crumbled to the ground. I hadn’t noticed at first, but Morpheus was standing next to Kronos, struggling to keep me unconscious as I fought against his spell.
“Percy!” Calypso shrieked as Kronos flashed out with her.
I will find you even if it’s the last thing I do, I promised as the darkness engulfed me.
I woke up a few hours later, my head throbbing. I knew what I had to do.
Go home.
I stepped onto the water, running across it with speed I never thought imaginable.
Annabeth Pov-
I woke up to sound of fireworks and a smiling daughter of Zeus.
“Hey,” I greeted, climbing down the ladder to my bunk.
“Hey yourself,” Thalia replied. “Ready for today?”
For once, my mind blanked and I stared at my friend quizzically, raising my eyebrow.
“Our parents are coming over for New Year’s.” Thalia reminded me. For about four years, the gods were trying to become more involved in their children’s

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