I Want A Wife, By Judy Brady

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In Judy Brady’s essay, “I Want a Wife”, she explains the roles that wives performed in the mid 1900’s. Brady has an incredibly sarcastic tone to her essay and finds it hysterical that husbands want their wives to fulfill their commands. In the past, women were expected to stay at home and take care of their children. Their lives consisted of cooking, cleaning, and making sure they greet their husbands when they came home from work. But times have changed; the roles of women have evolved. Now, we see women doing all types of things. They have more opportunities to do what men can do. Since the 1950s, women have experienced a huge change in their status as wives, which can be seen through their ever changing independency, work status, and appearance.
Nowadays, women are more independent. Ever since the 19th amendment passed, women were able to vote. This was one of the first steps that helped women get to where they are today. Voting has allowed women to speak their minds. It was the first step to prove that both men and women deserve to be equal. It was soon more socially acceptable for women to choose their own paths. Men no longer were able to legally dictate their lives. For example, not too long ago, a women needed a man to sign for permission whenever she wanted to open a bank account or purchase a car. Now, women do not have to worry about this as it isn 't a concern anymore. Women are now allowed to buy new homes and property without having to be married. This allows
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