I Would be Lost Without Friends Essay

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What does it mean to possess great significance? Initially when I confronted myself with this essay I struggled for an answer to this question. Just like religion, I have discovered that the characterization can be a difficult one - you know it when you see it, but cannot define it as easily. The dictionary broadly describes a significant element as “important; of consequence.” Of course, something significant is relative to the observer, dependent on their own judgment of what is and what is not important. This has led me to formulate that the really significant concepts hold sentimental, rather than material values. An expensive car or furnished boat has the same price tag regardless of who owns it. An old metal medallion passed …show more content…

I am growing up in a time where technology has allowed people from all parts of the world to communicate and interact. A month-long sea voyage from Europe to the Americas has now become extinct, as airplanes can travel from New York to London in a third of a day. Thanks to advances in the mobile phones and applications like Skype, I can talk and share a smile with someone on the complete opposite side of the world. Even language barriers have been eliminated, thanks to translation software easily found on the World Wide Web. With all these growing innovations, there is no place for ignorance in the modern frontier. Dislike of others based solely on racial profile, gender, or orientation can cost big opportunities. All individuals of all sorts of backgrounds need to be treated with acceptance, and appreciated for their differences. My group of friends is diverse. The only thing that we all have in common is that we enjoy each other's company. To me, the idea of judging someone based on the color of their skin or their sex is absolutely preposterous. I regularly spend time with guys and girls, some of which have a different skin tone and backgrounds, and I have learned a very important lesson because of it. These people, they are amazing people. They can accomplish anything just as well as anyone else, and they prove it to me on a daily basis. My diversity has expanded because of them, and they have opened my

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