Ideological Diversity On Weekly News Magazines

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Theodore Assatly Course #5487 2155OL: Understanding Mass Media July 31, 2015 IDEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY IN WEEKLY NEWS MAGAZINES Ideology is defined by as “ a body of ideas that reflects the beliefs and interests of a nation, political system, etc. and underlies political action.” (“Ideology”) Weekly magazines, in fact all media, are infused with ideology. Its existence is inevitable. While news magazines strive to provide ideological diversity, the bottom line is that most media exists to promote some sort of ideology. Campbell Brown discussed this topic tonight on Fox News’ Media Buzz. “When asked if she’s a journalist or an advocate, she revealed she doesn’t think journalists can be truly objective, pointing out that every reporter comes to the story with their own bias.” ( In addition, Rod Dreher wrote in a recent article, “Magazines, particularly those of a certain stripe, have exclusion in their DNA.” (Dreher) The Nation, a progressive or liberal magazine and The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, seem to be targeting a specific audience. They are not even striving to be ideologically diverse within themselves. Time, a weekly magazine that has a considerably larger circulation, appears to have more ideological diversity, or at least be considered a more moderate publication. The stories and tone of each of these magazines caters to its intended audiences.

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