Ideologies And Political Parties Of North Carolina Representatives.

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Ideologies and Political Parties of North Carolina Representatives North Carolina holds thirteen seats in the house of representatives along with the two senate seats given to every state. As a state, North Carolina has elected representatives identifying primarily as republicans, with few democrats in Congress, a common distribution in states today with a Conservative Republican President and Republican-Majority Congress. In the House of Representatives, George Butterfield, George Holding, Walter Jones, David Price, Virginia Foxx, Mark Walker, David Rouzer, Richard Hudson, Robert Pittenger, Patrick McHenry, Mark Meadow, Alma Adams, and Ted Budd represent each of the thirteen districts of the state respectively. North Carolina’s elected …show more content…

Jones is a Liberal Republican, gaining support from both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives through his efforts for reforming education, leveling trade, and increasing retirement security. Jones has created a variety of bills that have been signed into law and serves as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. David Price, Democrat, Liberal, and Environmentalist, is the representative for the fourth congressional district. Price worked as a professor at Duke University before being elected to Congress in 1987. Price has written four books on the United States political system and is very outspoken on his belief on major issues including education, health care, the environment, transportation, and homeland security. Price has worked towards addressing these challenges by leading many of the fights towards improving matters in the government and country. Virginia Foxx is the representative of the fifth district in North Carolina, responsible for the people of Winston-Salem, among the other towns in the district. Foxx is a Conservative Republican, leading movements to reduce federal government spending, increase government accountability, and is known as one of the most conservative members of the North Carolina representatives. Foxx uses her movements to spread her beliefs and serves as the Chairwoman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, as stated on her congresswoman webpage. Mark Walker is the

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