If I Grow Up Book Report

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DeShawn, kid who lives in the projects, has a choice to get out of the project. This book If I Grow Up describes what it’s like to live in the project. It’s like living in the opposite of heaven. DeShawn has a choice to get out of the project many ways, here are some ways he could get out of the projects; he could get a job, stay in school, and work with officer Patterson.
I think there would be a chance he gets in the gang because he lives there that’s what his life revolves around. He just can’t get out if he doesn’t have money or a job. But he also has a great chance at getting out if he joins Hewlett, and gets money.
First, DeShawn could get out of the project if he got a job. If he could get a job that would lead him right to getting a house then out of the projects. That would also get him the education he needs to have to get a good job and great money for food, water, etc.
Second, he could also get out of the projects if he would have stayed in school to get out of the projects. The books states, “I want you to think about Hewlett, okay?” “You’re still two years away, but you could start to prepare for the entrance exam. There’s a special Saturday program I could help you get into.” If he looked into Hewlett he could have got …show more content…

DeShawn had a choice to not join the gang. If he would have stayed in school he will got a good education to get a good job to get money. But instead he drops out to be like Terrell. If DeShawn would have got a job he could have paid for a better education. And instead of working for Officer Patterson he decided to work for Marcus. So what DeShawn didn't get a good education get a good job to get out of projects I guess he can make money by selling drugs and that sort of stuff. But, if he sells that stuff and gets caught he's going to go to jail, which he did, and be stuck there with no family or

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