Ifemelu's Influence On Americah

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In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah, the influence of home is very significant to Ifemelu, one of the main characters, for the reason being that she keeps in touch with her Nigerian roots even when she is away in the United States.
Once Ifemelu reaches America, she tends to move around a lot, she stays in many different cities including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Brooklyn, and New Haven. Studying at Princeton she travels all the way to Trenton just to get her hair braided. This was a change in culture due to the fact that near Princeton there were not any real black locals. The ones that were considered to be black were often so light-skinned, Ifemelu never could have imagine them with braids in their hair. Getting her hair done in African braids is a way she can stay connected to back home.
America was a new vibe for Ifemelu, different culture,people,music, and language. She adjusts to the people in America, although it takes some time. She arrives in America with a strong Nigerian accent, everyone aware she was African. People will talk to her slowly for the fact being that they believe she does not speak …show more content…

Sadly this did not last very long, for the reason being that Ifemelu’s job search is not going very well in the wonderful America. Her condition being so bad that she takes this job from a man. After she finishes this job she is not able to contact Obinze for the fact being that she felt horrible. She regrets taking the job offer from the man, she falls into depression and cuts out Obinze from her life. Ifemelu did not believe she had depression due to the fact that in Nigeria there was no such thing. After this, Ifemelu began to date other guys, which included Curt, and Blaine. During this whole time Ifemelu is blogging about race. Adding her experiences with other people and her personal life. The blog becomes a hit and Ifemelu finally begins to earn

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