Ignorant: Money-Hungry

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Intro- Ignorant. Money-Hungry. Man mid thirties displeasing at times and very selfish. Walter Lee Younger, father and husband, dreams of owning a liquor store. Many realize that he does not care how he has to get the money for it, he just does it. Very rude and acts as if in charge, works as a chauffeur often a little controlling. Walter, mean and hot-headed how can he just tell someone what his/her job should be. He acts as if he wants to be the man that needs the chauffeur. Walter Lee Younger, an ignorant black man in his middle ages. Works as a chauffeur will do anything to find the money to open the liquor store he dreams of. Can be a little selfish at times for instance when he told Beneatha that no woman should ever be a doctor.

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