Illegal Activities Of Criminal Bikie Gangs

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`Do Queensland’s ‘tough new laws’ of 2013 that ‘target the illegal activities of criminal bikie gangs’ violate the human rights of motorcycle club members and other members of the public?

The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act (VLAD) was brought into action 2013. The act states that “a person is a vicious lawless associate if the person commits a declared offence; and at the time the offence is committed, or during the course of the commission of the offence, is a participant in the affairs of an association (relevant association) and did or omitted to do the act that constitutes the declared offence for the purpose of, or in the course of participating in the affairs of, the relevant association. However, a person is not a vicious lawless associate if the person proves that the relevant association is not an association that has, as 1 of its purposes, the purpose of engaging in, or conspiring to engage in, declared offences.”

This Act allows the police force to charge/arrest any person if it can be proven that they are associated with ‘bikie gangs’, have a logo relating to a gang or are in part of a group of three or more associates.

The sentencing that is related to the VLAD Laws state that the associate will be imprisoned for the duration of time related tot heir committed offence and then a further fifteen years must be served along with their original sentence. Essentially it means that if you are associated with a bikie gang and commit a crime “for

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