Illegal Drug Activity across the Globe

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Drugs have become a rising problem for nations across the globe. In Canada, drug use among individuals aged 15 years or older was 11%, demonstrating that an issue does indeed exist (Health Canada). "Many of society's worst problems with drugs result from the fact that they are illegal. Like alcohol and tobacco, drugs should be legal in this country." Although this has been a much debated dilemma, I would agree with this statement because of the practicality that it would entail. Drugs are the source of many societal and class issues that could be resolved by the implementing a structured legal system that will facilitate the regulation of drugs. Making drugs legal will resolve more problems than what it will cause. There are many positive factors that could arise from legalizing all drugs. Financial incentives to legalizing drugs should be a motivating factor in this process. A second motive toward drug legalization is the attempt at resolving societal problems that have thus far arisen from illegal drug activity. A final perspective to consider when thinking about making drugs legal in this country is the greater regulation and control that can be had in terms of who will have access to these drugs. When taking all of these factors into consideration, it becomes logical to legalize drugs and reduce its impact. Drugs not only cost a lot of money to get off the streets, but drugs hold the potential of being a source of alternative income for the country. By legalizing
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