Illegal Immigration : A Part Of Our History

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Amber Ewing November 12, 2014 Honors Research Paper Illegal Immigration Immigration has been a part of our history for an extremely long time. Illegal immigration dates all the way back to the nineteenth century. The United States is where most illegal immigrants migrate to because of medical, welfare, and educational benefits. Illegal immigration has caused the overall population to increase over the last few years. Because illegal immigration is increasing, the government and the Department of Homeland Security should provide better training for the workers who protect the border. Today there are over 11 million individuals unlawfully living in the United States (“Immigration”). A major cause of the increasing population of illegal…show more content…
Illegal immigrants are known for finding and getting jobs very quickly because they are willing to work for minimal pay. They will do anything to support their family even if it means working many hours and not receiving very much pay. With the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, more immigrants are finding jobs while Americans who have been unemployed still are unable to find employment (Garcia). American individuals who are unemployed, their families will be impacted as a result. The illegal immigrants are getting more jobs because today in society Americans expect to work and get paid much more than minimum wage while an illegal immigrant will take any job over no job at all. If workers at the border work to protect the border better the United States will see a decrease in the number of immigrants crossing the border. Workers not having the proper training to protect the border will ultimately make it easier for illegal immigrants to cross the border. Michael C. LeMay states that “U.S. citizens oppose legalization and fear unauthorized immigration as an international terrorist threat to the United States” (32). Many U.S. citizens oppose legalizing immigration because of the tragic event which occurred on September 11th, 2001. American citizens feel if the border is not being carefully protected and watched, a potential terrorist could cross the border at any time and enter into the Unites States. Failure to protect
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