Illusion And Imagination : `` The Tempest `` And Don Quixote ``

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Cameron Buckley Dr. Dutch English 273-02 April 23, 2016 Illusion and Imagination Illusion and imagination can be very powerful things. It can make one question what is real and what is not. Illusion can make one see things that are not even there. It can also be used to make something seem good and in reality it is bad. Just like a powerful imagination can allow people to pretend certain things that would be deemed impossible are in fact actually possible. Illusion and imagination are actually similar in many ways. Seeing an illusion is seeing something that is not there or not seeing it as it is meant to be seen. Just like an imagination can make one see things that aren 't there either. This theme of illusion and imagination, what is real and what is not, is the theme I will look at in the stores of "The Tempest" and "Don Quixote". First we will look at the story of "The Tempest". The story has a character by the name of Prospero who is able to wield the power of magic. He possesses the ability to make people see illusions and do his bidding. We learn in the story that Prospero wears a cloak that is a representation of his ability to construct his illusions. “ Tis time I should inform thee farther. Lend thy hand, And pluck my magic garment from me” (1670). Another example of illusion that we find here in this story is when his brother, Antonio, attempts to make a deal with the King of Naples Alonso. Antonio wishes to overthrow his brother and gain more power.

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