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Imagery in Ragged Dick

Imagery plays a big part in the success of a novel. Different writers have different styles. The good thing about imagery is it makes room for the reader to put things together. The reader is allowed to interpret the story the way that they like. "Ragged Dick", Horatio Alger, Jr. did a great thing with imagery. While reading the novel readers had a change to envision many things that were mentioned in each chapter. Algar interconnected the appearances of the main character to his living arrangement. He also connected these things with the character's attitude.

"Ragged Dick" is about a young boy, name Dick Hunter, who earns his living by shining shoes in New York. He is a very street-smart young boy. …show more content…

He felt more confident about himself. There were places he entered that he may have not entered because of his clothes.

After Dick and Frank departed from each other, Dick had a lot on his mind. He started thinking about his future. Before he met Frank he did not think about his future much. He would spend all his money on things that he did not need, Such as smoking and gambling. The first thing Dick did when Frank left was get his self a good meal. He ate at a restaurant that he may have not been able to eat at because of his clothes. The next thing he started thinking about was where he was going to sleep. He decided to get a room. He went to a house that was kept by his friend 's mother.

This was the beginning of him changing for the better. When he got to the house the lady was a little confessed about why someone dressed as neat as him would want to sleep in her house. "Have you got a room to let?" asked Dick. " Is it for yourself you ask?" questioned the woman, in some surprise. Dick answered in the affirmative. " I haven't got any very good rooms vacant. There's a small room in the third story." " I'd like to see it," said Dick. " I don't know as it would be good enough for you," said the woman, with a glance at Dick's clothes. " I ain't very partic'lar about accommodations," said our hero. " I guess I'll look at it". (P83) The room was

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