Imagine A Person Living Without Life Essentials In Their

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Imagine a person living without life essentials in their own home. Where running water or electricity is not abundant. This hypothetical example is reality in many locations across the globe. One of these places was my mom’s childhood household located in a small rural village in the Philippines. Here, I experienced how life was like through my mother’s eyes. My scuffle with the tough living conditions of the area turned into a tremendous learning experience as well as pulled me closer to my mom.
Arriving into my mom’s village was like entering a whole new world. Majestic green mountains towered rather than steel structures, the unpolluted air refreshed my lungs, and the open land freed me from the crammed city streets that I was accustom …show more content…

All the water came from one pump just outside the house. This meant water for washing dishes, bathing, and even drinking came from the same source. The roof was made of sheet metal and pounded whenever it rained. The materials of the house turned it into a large insulator in a humid climate, and to make matters worse there was also no air conditioning in this house. There was also a point during our tour while walking up the stairs of the house my brother stated, “This house is actually not that bad” in a tone that seemed as if he was trying to be nice.
“It’s pretty bad” my cousin and I replied simultaneously.
“No, it really isn’t…” countered my brother. Here my cousin and I heckled him to put away his optimistic views. On the way down the stairs, I bumped my head on the ceiling of the bottom floor, or the floor of the second story which revealed how small the how was as well. A few days passed and I could not take anymore. Mosquito bites covered my legs, and the living conditions finally got to me. I was miserable and questioned how a person would be able to live like this. Whenever I obtained a glimpse of service on my phone, I would text friends and rant about how life is so much better in the states, and how take what they have for granted. I did not see myself staying here any longer, nor would I like to, but I knew that I would have to for the sake of my mom.
More days passed living in the

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