Immigration Reform For Immigrants

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Immigration Reform for Immigrants with Kids That Are Citizens
It’s the year 2016 and the country has changed a lot of rules within the last 10 years regarding immigration. However, illegals with anchor babies are still being deported for small things such as not paying a ticket. Immigration is not a topic that applies to everyone, but immigration has always been an issue in the United States for instance, in the past, it was made a big deal when immigration levels rose significantly and families started getting separated. This issue has been brought up again because of this year’s presidential election and comments the candidates have made regarding immigrants. There are people who agree to creating a reform which are mostly democrats and younger
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This early immigration wasn’t illegal because it was good for business. Anyone was able to enter the united states freely until mid-1800s when Irish and German immigrants started bringing to much of their culture into the U.S. which lead to “The Chinese Exclusion Act” the first immigration law in the country. This act was repealed in 1943. During the 20th century is when Mexican immigrants started immigrating to the united states bringing their farming skills and improving the agriculture industry in the united states. A program from INS called “operation wetback” deported and abused millions of Mexican Immigrants. Then another important event is the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 that granted citizenship to undocumented immigrants in the country. Today, many immigration laws have been passed due to terrorism and other criminal activity. A lot of immigrants are taken advantage of at their jobs because their bosses pay them very little compared to someone who is legal. Also people immigrate into the us free of any criminal background hoping to create a better future only to be sent back to their original country leaving behind anything this person worked for and sometimes even…show more content…
For example, a page in a blog titled “Should the Government Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become US Citizens?” states that a reform would be beneficial to the economy because many people would pay large amounts of money to become citizens. Another benefit is that families can live in peace without the fear of being separated and losing everything they worked for. However, they also believe that it was not right to have come into the country illegally so these immigrants should be punished not rewarded for breaking the law. Overall, there are people who are for, against, and indecisive about an immigration reform. Creating an immigration reform would be beneficial to many people in many ways. One benefit would be that it would help the economy because many people would file to get the documents and it wouldn’t be a cheap document. Another benefit is that families wouldn’t get separated and they wouldn’t live in the fear of never seeing each other
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