Impact Of The Economic Disruptions Caused By The Global Financial Crisis Essay

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the period from 2007 to 2009 to ensure inclusion of the effects of the economic disruption caused by the global financial crisis in their study of SCRM and resilience. Academic studies follow significant events. For instance, peaks in published scholarly journal articles on SCRM occurred following disruptions, in 2004 following 9-11 and again in 2009 following the global recession (Ghadge et al., 2012).
Data required for variables
Company financial information from annual reports will deliver required data to measure the variables. The resilience variable sample will consist of annual DOI and C2C data for each year in the 10-year period from each company. The performance variable sample will consist of OM and ROA ratios for each year in the 10-year period from each company.
Strategies for Validity and Reliability The academic and business research literature supports the validity of the financial ratios to measure resilience and financial performance. Existing or adapted measures found in the literature can be used to measure constructs. Cross-sectional data has limitations, and longitudinal data improves validity. Publically reported financial data are a reliable and accepted business metric. Reputable professional database services may be considered reliable, but the reliability of the study dataset will be cross checked against actual public records (annual report) for accuracy.
Data Collection Technique Corporate annual reports contain archival secondary financial

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