Implementing A Windows 2012 Data Server Onto The Virtual Network Used By The Previous Labs

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1. Goal / Introduction The main goal for this lab exercise was to implement a Windows 2012 Data Server onto the virtual network used by the previous labs. Sever services including DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), DNS (Domain Name Service), AD (Active Directory), and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. DNS also known as Domain Name Service is a network service used for distributing domain names and mapping IP addresses to them and keeping track of connections on the local level. DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used to assign IP addresses to network devices connected to the server. An Active Directory is used to authorize and check the credentials of the users and machines connected to the network. The process for…show more content…
2. Procedure The main steps that I took when setting up the Windows 2012 Server was first reading the documentation that was posted on MyCourses then referencing Window’s server documentation website for any information that I needed that was not covered in the documentation section on MyCourses. The instructions were spelled out clearly in the Lab Guide that was posted and I followed the configurations steps for all of the services by referencing Windows Server manual that I found by doing a quick search online. I did not run into any major problems when I was setting up and configuring the services during the lab and I tested the configuration by connecting a windows client to the domain I created and logged in as a user that I set up. These sources are posted at the end of the report under the references section. The wiki that can be access by logging onto the VM labeled “Red_Hat_Server” not the “Main_Server” VM and typing the local address into the address bar in the default web browser will bring up the basic steps that I took when I was setting up the services. I will be changing the naming conventions of the VM’s during lab 4 and beyond so all of this is subject to change. All passwords for any user or service will be “P4ssw0rd12” any questions don’t hesitate to email me at 3. Security Considerations In regards to security the open
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