Implications Of Health Economic Concepts Of Health Care.

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Implications of Health Economic Concepts of Health Care Healthcare is an industry that encompasses various factors to ensure that it’s operating efficiently. Health care professionals have an obligation to comprehend the role that health economics plays in regards to the demand and utilization of health care. The government plays an enormous part in areas such as financing and the delivery of care; therefore, the organization’s decision maker must learn the economic functions and its benefits to the health care sector. Delivering outstanding medical care is equally as important as understanding demand and supply, available resources and the cost to provide care. Consequently, the principals of health economics are essential to meeting the …show more content…

According to Pendzialek, Simic, Stock & Pendzialek (2016), An example of price elasticity can occur when the number or persons enrolled in a health plan changes when the cost of the premium rises or declines. Unbeknownst to a majority of consumers, they play a bigger part in how the price elasticity transpires and how their decisions impact the health demand curve. Health Measures The two components that are used to assess health measures are morbidity and mortality. Morbidity is the percentage of individuals diagnosed with certain conditions along with the number of hospitalizations. Pregnancy has the potential cause other conditions that were not present before conceiving. Diabetes and hypertension are two health conditions that can occur during pregnancy. According to Kilpatrick & Berg (2016), Identifying morbidity in post-partum women can be based on ICU admissions and blood transfusion that exceeds four units of blood. The more people with ideal health will lower the morbidity rate, however as health declines and new conditions arise that will contribute to an increase in morbidity rates. Mortality is not solely the totality of deaths it’s the number of people who die prematurely. The measurement of morbidity and mortality are imperfect since all health professionals are not reporting the information; therefore, a strict protocol needs to

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