Importance Of Cleanliness Essay

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Cleanliness is next to godliness. A restaurant’s cleanliness and sanitation is proven to be important in attracting new customers and returning ones. As a returning guest to OOKA, there floors are spotless, restrooms are tidy and the dinning tables are thoroughly sanitized. Keeping a restaurant clean is a big deal in the restaurant business. It’s just as important than providing customers with the best tasting meal. If a restaurant isn’t clean, there won’t be any customers even if the food is good. People will get an impression about a restaurant the moment they walk into the door. When I observed the décor of OOKA, it was attractive and appealing. I also thought to myself this is going to be expensive. The layout of the restaurant was well organized. The welcome booth was slightly off to the side, the waiting area was just beside it, the bar was neatly arranged, the planets were lively and fresh, the hibachi tables were huge and spacious and the room temperature set the mood. Cleanliness reflects stability. If a restaurant is built on cleanliness, customers will value the up keep and they’ll keep returning. Customer service is not just a job description, it’s attitude. Having this trait is very high in percentage when dining at a restaurant. Again, OOKA’s, servers are pleasant, communicative, effective and knowledgeable. When and if making reservations, there staff is quick to pick up the phone, they respond in a courteous and professional tone, they listen to your needs
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