Importance Of Fake News And Media

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Fake News and Media.
A historically uninformed man is one who has no ability to make right decisions. So, according the knowledge our brain starts work and make logical calculation which leads us to the result. However, if person during that proses uses wrong information and according that mistaken data gets wrong choice that creates problems not only for that person but also for the community. The media and social networks are the main source for our decision making proses. However, media provides lot of fake news for the people and makes them to use that information for forming their ideas. That creates cavity between madden decision and the reality. Because of that people gets confusion and that generates problem between people and society. Media and social networks by fake news affects Americans life by misleading them and making them to get wrong decision, reduces their confidence to the media and creates disbelieve to the institutions and institutional leadership.
First, fake news leads people to the incorrect decision. Everyone wants to make a right beneficial decision which going to make our life easy based on the information available to him. Nowadays lot of fake news about health hurts people and makes them victims of their own wrong decision. According senior associated editor at The Atlantic Julie Beck “the deliberate fake news about health as a weight loss, teeth whitening and reversing wrinkles" are the examples for our daily routine. Media tells us what we
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