Importance Of Life In The Outsiders

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During a person's a existence on Earth, they may learn many things that could change their perspective on life. Not matter what one may believe about certain groups, people are all the same. Another thing, that life pushes people to learn, is family. Above all, life teaches one to forever be themselves. Throughout the course of the novel, The Outsiders, Ponyboy discovered that people are people, family is love, even when it’s hard to see and it’s important to always stay true to oneself.

Not everything in life is a simple as it seems, just like Socs aren’t always what they are perceived to be. When Ponyboy was talking to Cherry, he thought, “Maybe the two worlds we live in, weren’t so different. We see the same sunset.” (Hinton 41) After talking to Cherry, Pony realised that maybe all his beliefs about the Socs weren’t true. Although they are richer, and seem mean and “cold-blooded”, they both live in the same world and have similar issues/experiences. He starts to realise that maybe their differences aren’t as huge as he had previously thought. During their conversation, Hinton mentions (as Ponyboy), “I didn’t know why I could talk to her; maybe the same reason she could talk to me.” (39) Never in his life did Pony think that he could have an in depth conversation with a Soc. But he did, which caused him to start to rethink all prior beliefs about them. Near the end of the book, Pony talks to Randy and they truly connect. When Two-Bit asked, “What'd Mr. Super-Soc have

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