Importance Of Reading Development Proposal

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Reading Development Proposal The importance of students learning to read is to help them develop the understanding needed to be successful in school and later in life. Learning to read takes place as a result of multiple cognitive and language complexities, that must be developed in order for students to master accurate and fluent reading abilities. Skills that involve language and phonological development when learned early in education formulates reading comprehension in students. However, it is these two concepts that form the controversy that surrounds the idea regarding the best method to develop reading skills in students. Recognizing the importance of instruction techniques, the focus of educators is in determining whether successful reading development is phonetics based or whole language based when developing reading skills (Mahdavi & Tensfeldt, 2013).
Phonetics Skills and Reading Development
Constant exposure to words is a definite method that will help students better understand how reading well works. In order for students to learn to read accurately there has to be a focus on phonetic concepts (Mahdavi & Tensfeldt, 2013). It must be understood that the words that students hear are derived from smaller sounds called phonemes, which are typically not heard as the words are actually spoken. The ability to decode or break down those words based on the letter-sound connection is important in establishing rapid and fluent reading abilities (Mahdavi & Tensfeldt,

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