Importance Of Scholarship For Evidence Based Practice

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How Universities Can Promote Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice Technological advances and genetic discoveries have increased the average individual’s life span. Today’s nurses regularly care for an aging population with a higher incidence of chronic illnesses. People are now living longer and the population is becoming more diverse creating a host of new challenges for nurses. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has created nine essentials that may be incorporated into any university curriculum to prepare nurses to provide high quality patient care. The third essential discusses the importance of scholarship for evidence-based practice. The term scholarship differs from evidence-based practice. Scholarship involves asking thought provoking questions that may have the potential to better patient outcomes, researching these questions or the topic of interest, collaborating with the healthcare team to successfully incorporate interventions, and continually performing evaluations. Evidence-based practice is vital to quality patient outcomes, may take as long as seventeen years or more to integrate into the hospital setting, is based on numerous scientific research studies, and is best fostered through scholarship. Scholarship …show more content…

A survey was performed to identify nurses’ competence with computer databases. Many of the practicing nurses studied claimed they did not feel comfortable navigating a database to locate research information. Many were either not aware of helpful tools such as CIANHL and PubMed or did not utilize these tools due to their inability to access or navigate them. Patient charting and detailed drug information is all computerized, therefore, universities need to place emphasis on computer literacy and familiarize nursing students with computer databases if they are to be

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