Importance Of The Great Pyramid Mount Sinai And Mount Of Pyramids

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The Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai and Mount of Olives - 5th Earth Chakra
The 5th or Throat Earth Chakra is situated on three sacred sites – two mountains, made by Mother Nature and one pyramid, handcrafted by the ancients. You won’t find the reason ‘why’ using intellect. Perhaps, the throat chakra is on multiple locations because the Earth has much to tell us, at this particular time. If we deign to listen.
This chakra is the only one of the Earth Chakras that doesn’t subsist on a ley line.
The Great Pyramid
The ancients built the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt because it is the precise center of the Earth where energy is at its most powerful.
Pyramid energy epitomizes the greater consciousness. Reportedly when standing on top of the Great Pyramid, people feel an inner tingling and sense the presence of a high energy field. Further, the Great Pyramid symbolizes the fusion of self and soul.
According to ancient Egyptians, the pyramid shape represents the human body arising and ascending to the light. This could explain why Egyptians placed their pharaohs in pyramid tombs.
When protégées pursued the Divine within, spiritual initiations were held in the great pyramids. Within the sacred walls, seekers would experience the process of attaining enlightenment. Many secrets of realization were lost in time and only scant evidence of the Egyptian’s spiritual practices survived.
No doubt, if your spiritual quest leads you to Egypt, exploring Giza is a must-do.

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