Importance Of The Second Vatican Council

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What was the Second Vatican Council Church?
The second vatican council was the 21st representative of different catholic churches recognised by the Roman catholic church. It was organised by Pope John the thirteenth on January 25, 1959 in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican city, Rome and existed until 1965. It’s purpose was to renew the spiritual relations of the church so that they may reconsider the church practises and also pray with other denominations (A religious denomination is a secondary group within a certain religion that abides under a common name, tradition, and identity). The Second Vatican council was extremely important as it offered change to the churches which allowed it to evolve and grow with the world. Many documents had to be signed by an assembly of Roman Catholic church leaders.

The Vigil (aka Wake)
Before Vatican ll, the Vigil, commonly known as “wake” is a holy day when the family of the deceased or others that were close, gathers around the dead one to pray for that person, remember their loved ones life and comfort one another. It is an occasion of religious observance where the family of the dead stays up during the night rather than sleeping, to keep watch on the deceased. However, after Vatican ii came into play there were many changes to be made. These changes meant the following: the Vigil could be informally arranged anywhere the family wanted it to be, as long as the place was respectful. The church recognised that it was upto the family to

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