Impressionism and Post Impressionism Essay

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Expressive Essay

In this essay, I will contrast and compare the two art movements, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism.
I will be concentrating on the works of the two leading artists of these styles Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh. The impressionist movement is often considered to mark the beginning of the modern period of art. It was developed in France during the late 19th century. The impressionist movement arose out of dissatisfaction with the classical, dull subjects and clean cut precise techniques of painting. They preferred to paint outdoors concentrating more on landscapes and street scenes, and began to paint ordinary everyday people and liked to show the effects in natural light. Claude Monet is often
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Aside from the dark shadows the painting is done in light, bright colours and once again Monet shows his skill in portraying a nice sunny day by the riverside. He has managed to give the impression of calm rippling water by using rough brushstrokes. He uses a mix of light and darker colours to show the sun glistening across the water. The painting creates a relaxing and the light colours, calm water and slow moving boats create pleasant mood, which I think. I like this painting and I especially like the way in which Monet has created many different areas that show a range of colours, techniques and all add something different to the painting. This variety draws you in and shows a real commitment and dedication to detail. These two paintings have many similarities, however they both show different sides to Monet's style of painting. Le Grenouillere has much thicker brushstrokes and concentrates on darker colours such as greens and browns. In the Road- Bridge he tends to use much lighter yellows and blues and his brushstrokes are much shorter and rougher. This creates quite different moods and the second painting has a much sunnier and happier mood. The paintings are very similar in that the effects of the sun bouncing across the water plays a key part in both paintings. I would have to say The Road-Bridge at Argentile is my
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