Imtiaz Dharker

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The poem “They’ll say she must be from another country,” by Imtiaz Dharker explores the challenges of a woman in her everyday life. She feels that she doesn’t belong in the country she is living in, because people can notice how different she is from everyone else. She makes it easy for people to understand why she feels alienated but, at the same time feels proud of who she is. Dharker conveys her message through the many examples of alienation given throughout her poem.
In the poem Dharker writes, “When I speak on the phone and the vowel sounds are off…. they’ll catch on at once and pin it down” she explains how the way she speaks is way different than the way people in that country speak. She feels that it is easy for others to notice and that they will right away assume that she isn’t from there. There are many people that have accents and they might feel bad about it because they don’t sound like everyone else. It may seem that the way you speak shouldn’t be important because everyone speaks different but Dharker explains how her vowels may sound harsh when they should sound soft and that is when people assume she isn’t from there. It isn’t the way she speaks but, the way she pronounces her words that make her sound different from everyone else.
She explains how people think she isn’t from their country because she looks different then everyone else. “When I wear a tablecloth to go to town, when they suspect I’m black” she feels that people just jump to conclusions

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