In Cold Blood by Gerald Clarke

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Truman Capote remains a literary great. His works have been adapted into screenplays and mostly have received critical acclaim. The film ‘Capote’ was aimed to be biographical in nature and focused mainly on the years Truman Capote spent writing the novel ‘In Cold Blood’. The film ‘Capote’ was by directed Bennett Miller after being adapted from a book of the same title, written by Gerald Clarke. It was set in Kansas and starred Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote and chronicled a six year period in the life of author Truman Capote whilst he wrote a book entitled ‘In Cold Blood’. The novel ‘In Cold Blood’ apparently gave rise to a new style of writing-as the book offered much from the murders’ perspective and introduced a new style of criminal novels.
The film opens and begins in 1959 when Capote reads an article in The New York Times about the murder of a Kansas farm family. The Clutter family was discovered murdered with no readily identifiable motive. Truman is already an acclaimed writer, having published books such as the famed ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. However, somehow the story appeals to him and manages to convince The New Yorker magazine to send him to Kansas to write about it. Almost immediately, one is struck by the magnificent way in which Seymour Huffman has morphed into Truman Capote; his voice especially is acutely similar to that of Truman Capote’s both in tone and accent. Seymour Hoffman who has a husky baritone noticeably manages to make his voice shrill,

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